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Welcome to the home page of "AdironDoc" - Tom Welch, M.D.

In addition to my career as an academic pediatrician, I am an active outdoor educator. I provide services ranging from field education in safe wilderness use techniques to consulting on ropes course operation and facilitation. Please use this site to become familiar with my interests and services!

Recent Publications

pdf icon Cruisin' Down the River

Thomas R. Welch, MD., (2016, March/April). Adirondac.

pdf icon Too Much of a Good Thing

Thomas R. Welch, MD., (2016, January/February). Adirondac.

pdf icon Bloody Noses and What To Do About Them

Thomas R. Welch, MD., (2014, September/October). Adirondac.

pdf icon Do Spiders "Bite"?

Thomas R. Welch, MD., (2015, July/August). Adirondac.

pdf icon Blisters

Thomas R. Welch, MD., (2015, May/June). Adirondac.

pdf icon Skin Infections from Trivial to Fatal

Thomas R. Welch, MD., (2015, March/April). Adirondac.

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In wildness is the preservation of the world....Thoreau